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           The RIM ROCK CAMPGROUND, catering to retirement campers and hunters, is open year round, and located approximately 3 miles west of the heart of downtown Meeker.   

        Nestled below rock cliffs that are common in the White River Valley area, the campground offers many amenities such as showers and laundry facilities. Choose between large, full hookup RV sites and quaint cabins overlooking the valley.

      For those who enjoy the closeness to nature, shaded, grassy areas welcome tent campers. The many trees are a wonderful haven for a variety of birds and grazing deer.

      Rediscover the beauty of nature on foot or on horseback along well-kept trails available to everyone from the novice to the expert. Capture the beauty of the valley and the abundance of wildlife on film to mark your memorable visit. The patient observer may be rewarded with a view of the majestic bald eagle in flight, a grazing herd of elk, a fleet-footed band of antelope, or the sight of a red fox and her kit.  

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